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The ABC's of Healthy Indoor Air Quality

With summer wrapped up and the country slowly opening back up, there are a lot of opinions floating around about safety in every circle. One issue that the pandemic spotlighted is our livable conditions as Americans for #BetterBreathing. You're probably wondering...What do we mean by this?

We're talking about clean indoor air quality....So, #BreatheEasy knowing we're going to breakdown the facts for you and give you solutions.

First things first... Do you know your ABC's?

Now that you know the main areas of focus.... let's break it down!

The reason you ALWAYS hire a pro is because your HVAC system warranty requires a pro to perform maintenance so that your extended 5 year, 10 year, 15 year or lifetime warranty doesn't become cancelled because you didn't keep up with it. #HiringAPro to do the work gives you the peace of mind that your system will not breakdown since preventive maintenance takes place early, often and on time according to your system's schedule . If you need reminders to schedule at the right time so there aren't any gaps in your seasonal tune-ups, check if your HVAC provider offers service maintenance agreements with automated reminders.

Be proactive, by accepting the recommendations by your service professional.

For example, HVAC techs that have the designation of On Call Service Pros are the top 1% home service contractors in the nation based on their workmanship, warranty, fair pricing and solution - centered approach to service. They will provide recommendations to keep your heating, cooling, air quality and ventilation needs in the best comfort and healthy levels as possible by informing you of improvements like #AirScrubbers, #iWaveR, #REMEHalo and other air purification devices that ensure mold, dust, dander, viruses and bacteria don't spread or fester in your ventilation system. In addition to preventive air quality devices, repairs on your system maybe required. Have your service professional complete those repairs before the peak season arrives, that will ensure you don't have a catastrophic outage in the middle of a hot Texas summer! Most HVAC companies have several financing options that allow you to #FixNowPayLater like WiseStack which allows credit scores of 625 & above to be approved for up to 48 months of payment breakouts. So if you're given a repair above your budget, check with your home service provider on #FinancingOptions. At #ElectricianOnCall we offer 4 lines of credit, a payment plan and a #layaway payment plan to meet your budgeting needs.


Yes, seriously...Change your air filters on time and use pleated #HEPA approved brands AND higher MERV rated filters for (Residential -s MERV-8 or higher AND Commercial spaces MERV-11 or higher). Here's why....

The higher the #MERV rating, the more pollutants it traps. You have to verify that your HVAC system can actually support the MERV filter as well otherwise you'll have a decreased airflow. So if you're concerned about picking up the wrong size, or confused which size or which MERV rated filter you should select? Simple, ask your HVAC service provider if they offer quarterly air filter delivery service. For example, Electrician On Call offers quarterly home air filter delivery service. That means we evaluate the maximum MERV capacity of your current HVAC system by taking measurements, we give you your first air filter for FREE, and then we schedule delivery service every 3 - 4 months. You simply #PayPerMonth. Upon delivery service, we can either leave it at your door, or give you the white-glove service you deserve by changing out the filter at our delivery visit. We take the hassle and guesswork out of keeping your home or workspace healthy, while providing affordable solutions.

So, what are you waiting for? Implement these 3 areas in your indoor space, and we guarantee you'll #BreatheEasier by reducing or eliminating your allergies and symptoms leading you to feeling sick.


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