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Why Real Estate Professionals Trust Us

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Are you a Real Estate Agent, Broker or part of a Property Investment firm searching for a reliable locally owned and operated team of electricians and EPA licensed HVAC techs?

Look no further you found us!

At Electrician On Call, we understand the lifecycle of property selling, property buying, option periods, municipal codes and required repairs. Unlike other home service providers our experts are in-house and passionate about making sure your clients have a great home buying and home repair process. Whether you're representing the Buyer or the Seller, we have you covered!

Our in-house Property Investment Services department provides worry-free solutions for you. We will move mountains to ensure that your clients have a stress-free process from the very start. That means we can help translate any accompanying Home Inspection report by simplifying it and creating a plan of action that can be rolled into the home purchase price or negotiated as a term during the closing process. In addition to demystifying the home repairs , we work directly with the city municipal inspectors to provide concrete information. It maybe possible that the suggested repairs on the inspection report are in fact accepted by your Code & Compliance Department. We provide clear communications of "What-If Scenarios", short-term solutions, long-term repairs, and future-proofing of any home.

For example, if your client is ready to walkaway from a home purchase because the other home was equipped with a EV Charger for their electronic vehicle, we will provide a firm estimate in writing verifying the cost to implement an upgrade to the home which is valid for 90 days.

How many times have you passed up an opportunity to buy, sell or close on a home without having the right team in place? Our Real Estate & Property Investor Services pair you up with state licensed technicians that have over 15 years experience reviewing properties. That's why time and time again, smart investors and Real Estate Pros like you count on us to help seal the deal!

The best part about our services is that we are committed to your success and offer you and your clients:

  • Club pricing and benefits

    • We'll help fix your personal home too!

    • We'll help fix your Buyer's home

    • We'll help fix your Seller's home

    • We also work in retail spaces

  • Up to 15% off repairs

  • All estimates in writing

  • Detailed documentation of options

  • Lifetime, transferrable workmanship warranty

  • Electronic receipts

  • Online same day rapid payment

  • Electronic repair & renovation plans

  • A Hassle-Free and Worry-Free experience every time for you and your client

  • Training opportunities, trends and safety recalls

To enroll in our free program, simply email the following to

  • Full Name

  • Broker/Real Estate License # (if applicable)

  • Company Website

  • Email

  • Best Phone Number

Is your Buyer New to Texas? Is your Buyer a New Home Owner? Make sure to give them these seasonal tips!

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