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Irum Jones Joins Inspiring Women Leaders Spotlighted in Plano Magazine's Girl Boss 2020 Series

At Electrician On Call, our company's culture has always been to support local non-profits, community - based organizations and local do-gooders by supporting their initiatives so that they can continue to improve communities we live, work and play in.

One of the areas of focus is to continue giving back to the community and how to incorporate corporate responsibility in everything we do. Over the course of 20 years and with her leadership, she's helped coordinate collection drives, donated home repair services, internships and job placement opportunities. During the holiday season she coordinated efforts between Customers, Vendors, Small Businesses and Suppliers to join in on the efforts, which led to Electrician On Call's "Holiday Gift of Giving" initiative where thousands of toys, coats and blankets would be purchased and donated to local area advocacy centers for children.

As the years flown by, Irum continued to assess, advocate, mobilize and create programs to help small businesses adopt a corporate - socially - responsible - long term - framework through workshops, mentoring and even writing a play book to help businesses of any size get comfortable with ongoing support to communities and causes. I recently caught up with her to learn about the delicate balance she's created that allows Electrician On Call to adjust our business process to support so many different causes over the two decades she's continued to focus on her "heart-work" as the COO of the company:

" role at Electrician On Call gives me a unique vantage point of our fine-tuned operational process that can be adjusted at anytime; we can pivot and still support the community in positive ways without negative impacts to our small business framework or the customer experience..."

With a clear vantage point, Irum continues to balance community efforts flawlessly. That's why it was no surprise when she was inducted into Plano Magazine's #GirlBoss series which spotlights local women making positive changes in Plano. This year’s #GirlBoss series features leading ladies, directors, presidents and volunteers who are doing selfless things, despite everything 2020 has brought. They have overcome nearly impossible odds – a nationwide shutdown, a devastating economic downturn, the obstacle of social distancing – and they still manage to come out stronger, more empowered.

The #GirlBoss series for 2020 spotlights the director of a food pantry who has been safely

feeding more people than ever, the work of a woman who helps immigrant families navigate the legal process, admire the heart of a mother who created a volunteer organization that has changed communities across the country. From supporting cancer survivors and encouraging girls, to battling racism and balancing billion-dollar budgets, these women are inspiring.

One thing all 10 have in common is they innovate and adjust in the face of adversity, working to unite people rather than divide.

We encourage you to learn about all women and celebrate the great work they continue to do for the community.

Irum's contribution and innovative approach that helped thousands of families in the DFW and small businesses gain access to resources by creating a repeatable framework. For local families in North Texas her framework helped restaurants, businesses, community-groups and non-profits easily collaborate in order to provide resources to families which included hot meals groceries, essentials, PPE equipment COVID19 testing and masks. Between March 2020 - September 2020, with Irum's framework, local non-profit Everyone Eatz, Collin County NAACP and Douglass Visions was able to provide over 400K meals in the North Texas area by reaching families in need while also providing relief to Essential Workers, Hospital Heroes, and local families that could use a meal to lighten the load while adjusting to a the new normal.

Nationally for small businesses, she created COVID19 safety processes that ensured mutual safety between employer to employee and employee to customer, which resulted in clear, transparent processes of safety protocols that were published which helped consumers feel more comfortable to pursue services, and businesses to follow a clear process all while advocating for clean indoor-air environments by partnering with industry suppliers and women-led HVAC and Healthy Home Services companies that were passionate about addressing health concerns. Through her power of collaboration, she continues to help groups come together for the greater good.

Irum tells Plano Magazine, “If I was a spokesperson for anything, it’d be collaboration,” .... “My project,” she adds, “is improving the lives of others.”

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