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Happy Summer Texans! Here's Some Tips to Help You Stay Cool!

Happy Summer Texans!

As the heat index rises & as a fellow licensed contractor, there are a few things I want to bring to your awareness about your A/C.

1. Change out your air filters if you haven't done it already (if your system freezes on the outside, this might be the culprit - turn your system off to defreeze, replace filter), see if it turns back on. If not, call a licensed HVAC pro.

2. Get your routine preventive tune-up even if your HVAC system is brand spanking new! Your parts & warranty for your HVAC unit are only valid if a licensed service professional is maintaining it. If your next-door neighbor works for an HVAC company and you ask them to do this on "the side" - they can't, unless they have a Master level license because the maintenance has to have integrity. So trust a local business to carry out the tune-up. Verify the license first and the license must be in active status. Don't wait until it breaks. It's cheaper to maintain than fix a broken unit.

3. If you think your Home Warranty company is going to cover a major have to provide proof that you were not negligent in the premature wear & tear of your equipment. Getting a seasonal tune-up on time helps demonstrate you did all you can to maintain and follow the OEM (original equipment manufacturer's guidelines). Sometimes claims are automatically rejected and the Home Warranty companies require contractors to take pics! So if we open your system and it's dusty, rusted, and clear proof of no service - please do not get upset with your HVAC tech. We cannot stretch the truth for you. We have to submit closeups and pics.

4. Get your estimates in writing! Please! Please!!! Do not let anyone pressure you into not understanding the final costs. Do not let someone run circles around you with techy-talk. Ask them to explain it to you in plain English. We don't expect homeowners to be pros, and any great HVAC company will be happy to help you understand your options. Ask for a REPAIR vs. REPLACEMENT estimate. Ask about financing. Ask what your options are. How long will the repair/replacement take? What do you have to prepare for? Ask if a down payment is needed or upfront pricing. Supply chains are low, and material costs have almost doubled since the pandemic.

5. If you have babies or pets, are elderly, or breathing issues, pregnant - please communicate this so you're supported. Any reputable HVAC company will try their best to escalate and we understand as women how it can be holding down a household while it's hot - Our industry bleeds for our residents when they are in a tough jam and we try our best to get them comfortable and cool again ASAP.

6. Consider purchasing a Service Membership directly from the company that is servicing your HVAC. That way the preventive maintenance is covered and you never have a broken HVAC unit during peak season. It simplifies your life.

7. Get at least 5 different ways to contact the HVAC company you select.

  • Social media

  • Website

  • Email

  • Phone number

  • Text By having multiple contact channels, you can get a hold of someone quickly!

8. Not familiar with how to navigate through the hot Texas summer season? Unsure how hot it can get? Stay hydrated! Unsure of the thermostat setting for the best cooling impact? Use a programmable thermostat. Feeling sticky throughout the day with too much humidity? Do your laundry and dishwashing in the evening so that the humidity from some of these chores doesn't unnecessarily cause discomfort.

9. Circulate Air. Stale air will make you sick and flair up allergies. Even if this means having your ceiling fan.

10. Don't obstruct your Condenser (box outside of your home). We know it's an eyesore but it needs to break to convert outside air into the airflow in your home. If it's making loud noises there might be something obstructing it. Keep it clear, don't let your kids sit on it or cover it up.

11. If your AC stops working, check to see if the drain pan in your home is filled with water. The condensation line might be backed up or the drain pan is already filled causing it to kill your AC as a preventive way to save you from a flood in your home. If this happens, contact a licensed HVAC pro.

12: Don't forget to...

  • change your filters

  • adjust your Thermostats,

  • verify your air vents are open

  • do your laundry at night

  • circulate that cold air

Just in case you've stumbled on this blog...and your A/C is not cooling...and you're wondering what to do next....We got you covered!

Contact any licensed professional (or if you're in Dallas & Surrounding areas contact us at 214-235-7251) and provide helpful information like:

1) when was the last time your AC work correctly? 2) is your outside A/C condenser frozen? 3) did you attempt to install or perform maintenance on your own? If so, what did you do? 4) what is the make and model of your unit and how old is it? 5) do you see water in the pan or any leakage? 6) does your A/C vibrate or make loud noises? 7) are there any elderly, young children, or immune-compromised residents in the home? when was the last time a routine seasonal tuneup was performed? What were the results? 9) What's your availability? 10)Is Anything else important we should know about?

We know it sounds excessive and complicated....

BUT...the more details you can provide, the better we are prepared to give you the right solutions.

AND....if you don't know any of these answers...that's okay too!

Have a COOL Summer!


Contact any licensed HVAC COMPANY (verify them on the Texas Dept. of Licensing and Regulation - TDLR first).

P.S. We do HVAC too! Electrician On Call offers dual licensed technicians which means we can handle HVAC and Electrical (and we've been doing that for over 20 years! (214) 235 - 7251 #summertime #texassummer

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