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After the Storm: The Road to Repairs & Recovery

To: Our Families & Friends in Texas

In February 2021, Texans experienced severe weather that we weren't all prepared for. For many North Texas residents, it was very hard to push through the damage and it wasn't clear on the next steps to get back on the right track. Many of us turned to friends, neighbors, and people we trust to help provide recommendations of the weeks to come that our homes would need additional repairs and what we could expect from a timeline, inconvenience and out-of-pocket standpoint. We've been through so much together over the last year alone, and now we've experienced a different kind of issue together in 2021. One thing is for sure, our community of North Texans pulled through to help one another which including such sweet acts of kindness from all communities that were impacted from the winter storm. Despite the pandemic, us Texans pulled together to open our hearts & homes to neighbors. We thank you so much for doing your part and recognize the sacrifice and discomfort you've gone through (and still going through) until all repairs are made and you've recouped those unplanned out-of-pocket expenses!

During this time of assessing and repairing damages to homes and businesses, our community of Home Service Professionals like licensed Plumbers, Electricians, HVAC, Mold Assessors, and Restoration Professionals have been hard at work providing sound solutions that your home insurance provider requires. Non-regulated trades like Handymen, Roofers, and Indoor Cleaning teams have also been working around the clock to get homes, businesses and schools back to normal.

This post contains information that's important because it covers not only the safety of the people & pets in your home, but also information about your property. These best practices and expert advice will make it smoother for you to repair any immediate damages and also plan for future emergencies. Our team is committed to continue to educate our DFW community, and if you're in the need of a reliable contractor we'll be glad to help! Don't hesitate to contact us if you need:

  • referrals to businesses that are locally owned & highly reputable that can help you with your repair

  • tips to protect your home & investment through 3rd parties like insurance & home warranty companies

  • guidance in the process & special recommendations for elderly, special needs or ADA requirements

  • where to find resources locally at the City level and local non-profits that can help

  • verifying tips & home service content flooding social media

Keep these notes handy, share these resources with your community. If there are any additional tips you need or questions you might have for our team to research, please don't hesitate to leave a comment here or email Irum at

Remember, if you need electrical, heating, cooling, ventilation or indoor air support, you can always count on us. You can reach Ally at our local Dispatch Desk by #BookingOnline, emailing or calling (214) 235 - 7251. Our techs are working around the clock to support you.

We're all in this together, and we're going to get through this together.

David Jones, Owner & Master Electrician + HVAC

Irum Jones, Chief Operating Officer

Ally Rashid, Dispatch Desk


Referrals to businesses that are locally owned & highly reputable that can help you with your repairs. Please Note: The Pros listed in this section are certified by OnCallServicePros and meet the 4.8 & higher customer satisfaction rating, along with workmanship guarantees.


Tips to Protect Your Home


Guidance to Help You Through the Process For Elderly, Non-English Speaking, Adults that Require ADA Support:

  1. Make sure to requests all bids in writing (don't be afraid to ask for non-technical descriptions)

  2. Have 2 or more trusted neighbors, family members or an advocate review the information to describe it in simpler terms before agreeing to the next steps

  3. Ask someone for help to keep track of the next steps and to be a buffer between the company and customer

  4. Review, Verify, Check and Validate that the terms of any agreement, licensing info, timeframe of project, safety and customer data that is being collecting is being collected for the right purposes

  5. Get your warranty & workmanship information in writing.


Where to Find Additional Resources:

  • Dial 211 or visit

  • Visit FEMA to discover if your area has been declared a Disaster Zone

  • Contact a your local City Hall and talk with Emergency or EOC services


Want more information & tips?


**If you are part of a HOA, Facility Management, Networking Group, Momprenuer/Mommy Group, Program Director, or would like Electrician On Call to host a workshop, please let us know. Our outreach initiative #ToolsANDTechnologyTrailblazers is a workshop that provides helpful information in an interactive format to help students and adults.


Other helpful articles to help you winterize your home and to keep safe & comfortable during freezing conditions:

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