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5 Affordable Gifts that Make A Real Difference this Holiday Season

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

It's official 2020 is coming to a screeching halt, and let's face it - you're probably like the millions of Americans stressing out by trying to redefine holiday traditions, meaningful celebrations, and the small encounters of appreciation that define your life like:

  • Customer Service Appreciation Week (10/2 - 10/5)

  • National Boss Day (10/16)

  • Halloween (10/31)

  • Use Your Common Sense Day (11/4)

  • Veterans Day (11/11)

  • World Kindness Day (11/13)

  • National Philanthropy Day (11/15)

  • Thanksgiving (11/26)

  • Black Friday (11/27)

  • Cyber Monday (11/30)

  • Giving Tuesday (12/1)

  • Christmas (12/25)

The list goes on & on, but..... did you know that some of the celebrations listed above are

ALSO considered some of the most celebrated work events between employers and


Celebrations like "Nation Boss Day" brings employees together to celebrate their employer, "Use Your Common Sense Day" is a fun day of laugh out loud gifts & tools to make your life simpler for your tough role as the expert you are, and "World Kindness Day" brings all people together from different departments together to show appreciation, support and gratitude among all groups.

With social distancing, and partial office openings, it's still uncertain if people can physically get together in an empty meeting room to hand out slices or cake or bond over a bowl of chili....We know you're really missing those moments! With 2020 disrupting our corporate celebration is the best time to reevaluate your gift giving talents! Long gone are the days we can simply order a taco buffet for the team to show them just how much we appreciate them, when in fact most of the teams work from home...or last minute runs to Target to get a trendy (yet cheesy) mug with a matching popsocket (that no one will actually use).....

So you're probably thinking...

What are some classy, considerate, useful gifts I can purchase that won't break the bank?

Read on...

Gift Idea #1: The Gift of Giving

Select a local area non-profit and make a donation on behalf of your co-worker!

Most non-profits have a Holiday Campaign, Celebration Campaign, or offer Gift Cards that support local small businesses while also supporting the non-profit. These awesome local organizations that spread good around the community would love your help and they will send a personalized Thank You Note of generosity to verify the gift was received. If you're in the Dallas - Ft. Worth Area, here are some of our favorite non-profits:

Gift Idea #2: A Local Business Gift Card

Find a local restaurant, shop or business that's local! Purchase the gift card and don't forget to also purchase something for yourself! It's always great to #SupportLocal! Some local businesses (like us), partner with local non-profits so you can rest assured your purchase is truly supporting local!

Gift Idea #3: A Subscription to Healthy Snacks

Online snack stations like SnackNation offer a variety of healthy and yummy snacks straight to the home! Who doesn't love snacking?

You can choose from fancy snacks like dark chocolate covered marshmallows or a #SnackAttack variety of sweet & salty bliss! #NoJudgement Subscriptions range from $10 - $25 a month depending on the delicious treats you pick!

Gift Idea #4: A Peace of Mind & Hassle - Free Experience

Now that we spend so much time at home, we're also experiencing home renovations and unexpected home repairs. The hassle of finding a great contractor can take months! Online Service Listings like the ones offered through On Call Service Pro offer 5 star rated contractors at a discounted rate of up to 20% or Service Maintenance Contract (like the ones offered exclusively by Electrician On Call), which can be customized into smaller, affordable payments usually ranging from $8 - $50 a month depending on the package provided! P.S. Electrician On Call is part of On Call Service Pros a network of 5 Star-rated local businesses nationwide!

Giving someone a peace of mind, stress-free service is priceless!

Gift Idea #5: The Gift of Learning!

Gifts of learning can include a VIP admission to a conference, summit, symposium, workshop or certification program or maybe even something geared towards craft classes & workshops like a cooking class, cigar rolling or wine pairing! These type of gifts can range from $20 & up depending on the experience.

So now that you have the #Top5GiftIdeas, which one would you want someone to gift you?

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