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#AskUsAnything! I'm Moving into a New Build, Should I Customize it Now or Later?

With over 20 years of service under our belt, our Dallas area customers rely on us to demystify the home improvement space for them! Ashleigh from Lewisville asked "On a new build is it better to have everything you want to be completed by the builder or wait?"

Such a great question! Let's delve into the world of home construction and explore some important considerations when it comes to the parts, materials, and fixtures provided by builders.

When a builder installs certain items as part of the construction process, these are typically referred to as "Builder Grade" components. Essentially, these items are verified to meet basic standards, but there's often a better, more customized version available that offers you more choices and options.

If you're building a new home, you can have a conversation with your builder about skipping certain fixtures like ceiling fans, chandeliers, or light fixtures that you may not particularly love. Instead, you can request an upgrade in other areas such as flooring, baseboards, crown molding, railing, staining, countertops, or even an allowance for choosing your own appliances.

Additionally, you can ask them to complete the necessary electrical work and leave the holes open without sealing them, so you can later install your own preferred fixtures. It's important to note that not all builders may allow you to supply your own fixtures, as they often prefer to provide consistent quality. If you do have the opportunity to bring in your own fixtures, it's a good idea to contact a professional electrician, like Electrician On Call, to ensure proper installation. Provide them with details such as ceiling height and the function of the fixture, and avoid assembling anything yourself in case there are missing instructions & parts. Here are some examples of commonly customized fixtures that customers often request after purchasing a new home:

  • Upgraded light switches (such as Decora switches)

  • Ceiling fans

  • Heavy chandeliers

  • Pendant lights

  • Outdoor lighting

  • Entryway lighting

  • TV installation in brick or mantel areas

  • Under-cabinet dancing and sound-activated lights

  • Additional outlets in the middle of walls instead of at the bottom

  • Installation of smart switches

  • Adding an extra thermostat

  • Setting up cooling and heating zones in the home to reduce utility bills

  • Bathroom lights

  • Spotlights and sconces

  • Wireless doorbells

  • Wireless talking and flashing smoke detectors

  • Attic fans

  • In-wall speaker surround sound

  • Outdoor ceiling fans and backyard lighting

  • Lighting for dark alleys or spots

  • Fence lighting

In many cases, homeowners find themselves replacing the builder-grade fixtures they don't like and often donate or discard them. It's clear that having customization options from the start can save time, effort, and potential disappointment.

Let me share a real-life example with you. Months ago, we assisted a homeowner who was dissatisfied with the builder-grade HVAC system in her home. It was too loud, and whenever it kicked on, it would startle her pets inside the house. She decided to switch out all five HVAC units for a quieter system. Initially, the builder had only offered her one option, which didn't meet her needs. After we helped her, she expressed regret for not having this insight sooner.

While we greatly appreciate builders and work closely with them, it's important to recognize that unless you're involved in a customized build (which is our area of expertise), your home may not be as customized as you think.

To ensure you make informed decisions, here are some things to consider:

  1. Ask your builder where the materials are sourced from to understand if there are any potential toxins that could affect you, your pets, or your guests, particularly if you have autoimmune diseases or sensitivities.

  2. Inquire about other options available to you. It's important to know the full range of choices to make the best decisions for your home.

  3. Understand the warranty for parts and labor. Knowing the coverage and duration of the warranty is crucial in case any issues arise.

  4. Is there a recall you should be aware of?

  5. Is the product discontinued (which means you have to replace it anyways)?


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